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About Teale Fenning

Where to start?

Our consistently high success rates? Our dynamic vision and constant development of courses and questions to keep them as exam-relevant as possible? Our ability to ‘spot’ questions and hot topics? Our reputation for unique, individualized teaching? Our legendary ‘tips and tricks’ and techniques to help you with each and every type of question? The fact our Courses are fun, leave you feeling more confident with a new found energy and show you how to make the most of your revision time? And those are your words not ours! There are too many to choose from so let’s start at the beginning.

Teale Fenning Medical Education was established in 2000. At that stage it comprised just one course: the Essay Writing Technique Course. This quickly became one of the most popular courses in the UK and still runs today albeit in a very different format. We added a comprehensive MCQ Course, O&G in 48 Hours, in 2003, which was closely followed by our RCOG MCQ Past Paper and Essay Practice Courses in 2005, and the EMQ Solutions Course in 2006 to ensure we offered a complete revision programme that covered all aspects of the Part II MRCOG written examination. The EMQ and MCQ Courses were eventually combined into the week long ABC in O&G Course in 2009.

These Courses ensured most of our candidates got through the written paper but we then had to make sure we saw you all the way through and so developed a series of OSCE courses. We first introduced the OSCE Secrets Course in 2004 closely followed by our OSCE Circuits Courses later the same year. Secrets was based on the successful formula we had used for the Essay Writing Technique Course in that we looked at past questions and identified themes within the exam. Circuits gave you a chance to put this into practice. These courses were complimented by OSCE Gold, introduced in 2005, a course developed at your request. We completely re-wrote our Courses in 2016 readiness for the new Part 3. Our ‘Tips & Tricks’ Course offers you insight into the new exam and a detailed explanation of what ‘domains’ are and what you need to do to pass them. We’ve critically analysed the Part 3 and developed a new Teale Fenning approach for you with a focus on technique and strategy. Our model is tried and tested and Part 3 will be no exception.

It was always our aim to cover the entire syllabus and provide an exam-orientated set of courses that complimented each other and provided something for everyone whilst also covering the different question formats. We feel we have achieved as far as MRCOG Part 2 is concerned but are now extending our training courses. 2014 will see the addition of several new courses as we expand to cover the whole training programme from Medical Student to Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists through Part 1 and Part 2 MRCOG. We are also adding courses to help you secure that first ST job in O&G or add the DRCOG to your CV if you are a General Practitioner. All of this will be delivered through the face-to-face Courses and our new on line service.

Exciting times indeed!

We are trying to ensure we offer whatever you need, whenever you need it, to ensure you succeed.

We pride ourselves on being able to analyse the key to passing any exam through an unparalleled understanding of what is expected of you. We achieve this by critically studying past papers and through our personal experiences of having written and marked thousands of RCOG-comparable questions. Whilst our primary aim is to convert your knowledge and wisdom into enough points to ensure you pass the MRCOG we also hope that we make a difference to the way you think and work in the future.

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