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Recommended reading

It’s tricky to know what to recommend. Many people advocate books specifically for GPs but we feel these water down some areas.

O&G is O&G after all and the management of a condition does not change. It’s more about where care will be provided and so you need to focus on areas more relevant to primary care. Having said that you also need an awareness of how women are managed in secondary care and how emergencies are dealt with.

Based on this we advise you look at the same things we tell our MRCOG candidates too but not in so much depth and always with one eye on things most relevant to you as a GP.


It goes without saying that you must know relevant Guidelines. This does not stop at the Green Top Guidelines, as some people think. You also need to look through the other areas on the RCOG website dealing with Clinical Governance, Consent Advice, Good Practice as well as key statements and papers from the various Working Parties, Study Groups and the Scientific Advisory Committee. National Guidance is arguably even more important and we would recommend you start with NICE before getting into the RCOG Guidance.


There are lots books out there including classic textbooks plus a vast range of test books offering MCQs, EMQs, and SBAs. Feel free to try one or more but we hope the information you will get from our Course combined with that contained within the questions on our website will be more than enough to get you through.

“We really enjoyed your personalities, professionalism…and the sense of humour you all showed during the preparatory course. You know how to pack a huge amount of high quality information into a few easily understandable sentences.”
Constantin & Uliana Durnea - EMCQ July 2011, OSCE Gold / Circuits 2012 & OSCE Gold 2010

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