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MRCOG Part 1

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Online questions

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Unlike other online examination websites Teale-Fenning have carefully followed the RCOG MRCOG Part 1 blueprint and produced over 1100 MCQs and 500 SBA’s that cover the entire curriculum. Our questions are developed from those that appear in the RCOG Press publication “Past Papers - MRCOG Part 1 Multiple Choice Questions, 1997-2001” to ensure they are as exam-relevant as possible. We also try to match the approximate percentage that each topic contributes to the exam overall so that your learning is focused in the right areas. Not only this, but each answer is accompanied by a detailed explanation that covers both the question and topic.

Our online learning package offers:

  • 1100+ detailed, tailor made MCQ’s with more added weekly
  • 500+ detailed, tailor made SBA questions with more added weekly
  • Accurate, validated answers with concise but informative explanations
  • The ability to track your progress and compare yourself to others
  • The ability to test yourself on specific topics or random questions
  • Formal mock exams
  • A discussion forum for you to pose questions to the Teale-Fenning question masters and discuss topics with peers.

Furthermore, the questions in our mock exams are presented in the same order as the questions appear in the Exam, which follow a consistent format. As you can see we do everything we can to mimic the real exam so you are as well prepared as you can be. Why leave anything to chance?

“We really enjoyed your personalities, professionalism…and the sense of humour you all showed during the preparatory course. You know how to pack a huge amount of high quality information into a few easily understandable sentences.”
Constantin & Uliana Durnea - EMCQ July 2011, OSCE Gold / Circuits 2012 & OSCE Gold 2010

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