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MRCOG Part 2

EMQ & SBA Part 2 Secrets

Nottingham, 3-5 Feb 2017 (£650)

EMQ Solutions

An extended weekend (Fri-Sun) of Teale Fenning intensive, interactive, exam-orientated learning: what more could you want?

The EMQ Solutions Course, as the name suggests, uses a series of EMQs to test and improve your knowledge. You ‘solve’ the questions over the three days to ensure the information stays deep within your grey matter! We ONLY use a question-based method of teaching: no lectures, just question after question on what we feel is important and what is likely to come up on the big day.

All of our questions are based on the latest NICE and RCOG Guidelines, past RCOG questions and some of the best TOG articles.

We follow a set structure that mimics the RCOG Modules. This means you do obstetric topics each morning followed by gynaecological ones in the afternoon. Don’t worry we also cover those tricky topics such as referral to the Coroner, teaching methods, dealing with Drs in difficulty and/or trainees in trouble, consent to disclosure and so on.

We also use the Guidelines to teach you how to revise and introduce you to the some novel techniques that are guaranteed to help you identify and retain the important information. One of our main attributes, and something we have become well known for, is to make people realize the errors in their learning and allow you to refocus and make the most of the time you have between the course and the actual exam. As we constantly say, “it’s quality not quantity that counts”

We help you refine your exam skills and develop exam-relevant knowledge. The latter is absolutely crucial as you must prepare and revise in accordance with the type of exam and style of questions you will face. Too many people read general material that is interesting and important but not specifically relevant to the exam and waste a great deal of time as a result. You have to revise in a way that will ensure your efforts are rewarded on the day: we know how to do that.

Anyway, that’s enough from us. Come and see for yourself and learn why over 95% of our delegates recommend this Course, as ‘an absolute must’ and a ‘valuable insight into what it is all about and why so many people fail’.

“We really enjoyed your personalities, professionalism, competence, laconism and the sense of humour you all showed during the preparatory course. “
Constantin Durnea - EMCQ July 2011

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