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MRCOG Part 3

Intensive 1-day Part 3 Prep Course

London, 2 September 2018 (£325)

OSCE Gold Course

London, 20-21 October 2018 (£495)

Part 3 Circuits Course 1

London, 27-28 October 2018 (£575)

Part 3 Circuits Course 2

London, 29-30 October 2018 (£575)

Recommended reading

Most people, if not all, have been enjoying the break from revision but now’s the time to get going again. The trouble is what on Earth should you read when you’ve got this far?

Well, it’s back to our recommendations for the Part 2 Written we’re afraid! Yes we know you’ve cleared the big hurdle but the OSCE tests the same information albeit in a different way. The key to the OSCE is to show how you use all the wonderful knowledge you have accrued in passing the Written and so most marks are awarded for how you communicate information to the examiner and, probably more importantly, the role-player. This requires practice. Our Courses allow you to do this and guide you in the days left but we also stress the need to read up in certain key areas.

The Guidelines remain the number one source of information. This again applies to the RCOG Guidance and NICE but the RCOG documents are now more important. Other external guidance needs to be reviewed including that set out in the NHS Cervical Screening Programme. We’ll show you how to access this and many other key information sources on the Courses.

“I really liked the comments you sent to me and your encouragement just before the exam: it was really a booster to me. I will remember you all in my life. Keep in touch. “
Julia Mok Sau Lan - OSCE Circuits, Nov 2011

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