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You don’t go into exams without preparing, so why would you for an interview?

The interview is the key after all and will ultimately decide if you are successful.

Our one-day Course will help you with the latter by giving you unique interview tips and tricks to ensure you stand out from the rest.

The day will involve:

  • An overview of the application and interview process
  • Interactive lectures on all key ST interview components
  • Group analysis/ criticism of a wide variety of questions
  • A ‘mock’ session answering questions under pressure

The Course focuses on the core areas of interview including:

  • Numerous tips & tricks aka “technique”
  • Counselling and communication skills for the role play
  • Result interpretation and management
  • Emergencies and prioritisation
  • How to structure your answers to the structured viva questions
  • An idiots guide to research, audit and teaching
  • How to discuss your Application & CV/Portfolio

The Course is run by Teale-Fenning consultants and the top-scoring candidate from the East Midlands in 2012, Sam Dobson. Sam, who was nurtured by Teale Fenning, will share his experiences with you.

“I felt your courses were extremely helpful in preparation. I am very thankful to you and the whole Teale Fenning team for doing such an excellent job.”
Sathya Priya - graduate

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