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What we offer

As Sam says … exactly what you need! On line help and advice with your application and then a Course to fine tune your interview skills.

Getting ready

Things change all the time but as things stand most people are offered an interview. It is easy to think that your CV and application form are not that important therefore but the opposite is true. At interview you are scored on these documents and they also form part of the interview process as they inform what questions you are asked. You may be asked to give a brief resume of your experience to date and highlight any transferable skills you have acquired or ways in which you have shown a commitment to the specialty. Both of these are important and can be the difference between you and the next candidate so you need to think ahead and learn how to sell yourself. We can help you in all of this by showing you how to structure your CV and Portfolio, both in terms of their appearance and content. These documents provide the ideal opportunity to demonstrate how organized and aware you are. Make them shine and then know how to use them to your advantage at interview.

The Big Day!

The structure and content of interviews varies across the deaneries although a degree of harmonisation now exists. Most involve three 15-minute stations: Clinical Skills, Communication Skills and Interview. The Interview usually involves an assessment or discussion of your application form and or CV / Portfolio. The interactive ‘skills’ stations allow us to see how you communicate and test your clinical decision making through your management of an emergency. Each station is marked out of 40 meaning the maximium you can score is 120. The minimum appointable score is 60 but you also have to score at least 20 in communication station. The interview is tough therefore and deliberately so as the purpose is to ensure only the very best candidates are selected. There’s no doubt that it’s a highly competitive process but you can maximize your chances by making sure your application is as good as it can be and then by shining at interview.

“You all are really, really great! And what is even better is that you all make the dreary pre-exam days fun…”
Kausar Masood - Essay Writing Technique / OSCE Secrets & OSCE Gold Nov 2008

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