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Recommended reading

This is a tough one!

Books cost money and are out of date pretty much as soon as you buy them. They are however written specifically for students.

In contrast the various on line material, such as the NICE / RCOG Guidelines, are free and provide the most up to date information but are written for people practicing O&G. We still think they are a very worthy read as long as you stick to the summary recommendations and do not delve too much into the fine detail. We also recommend you look at the associated patient information which provides a great overview and the perfect template for the role play in your OSCE.

If we were to recommend a book then it is hard to look beyond the Oxford Handbook of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology by Impey & Child. They go very nicely together in fact and should offer all you need.

“We really enjoyed your personalities, professionalism…and the sense of humour you all showed during the preparatory course. You know how to pack a huge amount of high quality information into a few easily understandable sentences.”
Constantin & Uliana Durnea

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